Lead Generation From Speaking Engagements at B2B Trade Shows: Learn the Basics!

Lead Generation From Speaking Engagements at B2B Trade Shows

Speaking at an event for your company has significant benefits in proving your expertise and establishing a trust for your organization. In addition, once you speak you always have a greater chance of engaging your audience. Speaking engagements at B2B trade shows have proven to generate quality leads, if done in the right way.

We all are aware of how many companies appear at a B2B trade show. Well, as a visitor it isn’t easy to decide which booth to visit first. In addition, you can never interact with all of them. However, if you want your next B2B trade show to become the game-changing moment, you have to attract a relevant audience to your booth. – And, speaking engagement is the best way! Wondering how you can do it with perfection? Here are a few tips for guidance!


People who show up at B2B trade shows are always looking to get their hands on free stuff. Whether it’s a cap, t-shirt, book or even your company’s brochure. Well, that’s your golden chance!

You can distribute flyers, brochure or even your company profiles with complete details to boost your brand’s recognition. You never know, a reader might just call you up someday and become a paying client.

In addition, while distributing these things you can also request their personal contact details in exchange. The data you collect from B2B trade shows is what can help you connect with potential future clients.


Many speakers miss talking about the industry they belong to. Though it’s good to focus on your services and products; industry knowledge can help you look more credible. By telling your visitors a few things about the industry, they will trust you more. In addition, by seeing that you are an expert, they may even agree to share their personal contact details with you instantly.

Once you are done highlighting industry trends, you can relate your brand and products with these changes.


If you don’t plan on distributing anything, you might as well work on your call-to-action and sales pitch. Deal with every visitor professionally and try to convince them to either share their information or ask you questions regarding your services and products.

The right choice of words is what can help your visitors become future prospects. If you aren’t good at creating conversations, you can always hire professional help.


You may have the potential to generate numerous leads from a B2B trade show. However, there are some targets that you fail to attract. Either because they are market leaders, or you are representing a new business. Well, to end up in their good books and draw them you can always collaborate with the event organisers. Become a sponsor and get your banners posted everywhere to look credible. In addition, request the organisers to feature your brand name and logo on their social media profiles. That way, companies will be expecting you in advance. You can generate many leads from such a tactic.

However, when such representatives do appear on your booth, it’s your job to use your verbal engagement skills and capture the lead.


Once you have numerous leads to take back, the most critical thing you should do is follow up. Why? Merely to keep the experience they had while meeting you fresh in their minds. If they forget you or the chat they had with you, all your efforts will go to waste. By following up on your leads, the chances of your sales cycle to complete will enhance.


In order to generate the maximum number of leads, companies have to try every trick in the playbook. B2B trade shows are able to boost your online B2B marketplace in no time. And, the best way is to focus on your speaking engagement. Follow the tips mentioned above to improve your speaking engagement approach and generate many quality B2B leads.


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