Top Five Strategies To Make Your Manufacturer Website Mobile-Friendly

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Mobile devices have become the smartest way to search for the information on the search engine. Whether a user is looking for a refrigerator best prices or a manufacturer website, mobile devices are so handy in searching the minor things on the internet.

Did you know the exact rate of mobile devices usage? According to the statistics, over 65% of searches come from mobile devices. The rate confirms that it is the future of our digital marketing.

With the increasing reliance on mobile devices, your manufacturer website needs elements to become mobile-friendly. It is also one of the demands today so that the buyers from any part of the world can easily access the site and grab the offer.

By the way, what comes in your mind when you read or hear the term “mobile-friendliness”? It is not the thing you know till date.

Mobile-friendliness is a factor or aspect, which allows the users to access the application or website on the mobile device. It also means that the site or application must show or provide you with the same services that a user achieves through desktop or laptop.

A mobile-friendly manufacturer website gets more engagement and viewership compared to the traditional sites. But what’s the trick behind adding the feature?

If you want to create a mobile-friend manufacturer website, then here some effective strategies for you.

How To Create A Mobile-Friendly Manufacturer Website?

1. Go for a responsive design

Having a static web design is of not much use. It will make the users come to your site, view the page, and just turn it down. The experience it gives is not worth staying on the site.

Compared to the static design, dynamic web design is far better and gives the best experience to the users. It enhances mobile-friendliness while the users only prefer to stick to the site, which has the dynamic theme.

Even Google recommends responsive web design as one of the mobile configurations. Such sites use the same URL and HTML code for displaying the manufacturer site to the users irrespective of the device.

2. Improve the site speed

The next important tip to make your site click worthy is the speed. If a website takes a lot of loading time, it impacts the user experience and may let the buyer switch its interest.

Not only this, but site speed also contributes to higher ranking on the search engine. This ensures that a manufacturer site must have optimal loading time.

According to the analysis of Backlinko, over 5 million web pages take 1.28 seconds to load on the desktop while these sites take almost 2.6 seconds to load on the mobile devices. The difference is visible and we must know how it should work on each device.

The research also says that 50% of worldwide buyers expect the website to load as fast as possible. However, bounce rate increases when the site loading time exceeds 2.9 seconds.

Google also confirms that bounce rate increases when the page load time is 3 seconds or more. It makes sense because who would wait for their turn when we are accessing a digital feature.

Hence, try to optimize your site’s speed so that retention rate becomes higher than the bounce rate.

3. Optimize title tag and meta description

SEO is really critical when it comes to making a site click-worthy. Even if a user is accessing the site on the mobile device, you still have to include SEO techniques for better ranking and other significant results.

We know how to search using the mobile device day by day. What attracts the user when it gets tons of results against the search query? It is the title which we read instantly. But if the title is too vague, lengthy, and ineffective, then what’s the use of putting too much effort in marketing?

We must optimize the title of the website. It is an essential part of SEO that also contributes to enhancing mobile-friendliness. Not only this, but meta description also serves the vital role in enhancing user experience.

So, when you urge attracting more buyers from the mobile device, make sure you are not overlooking title tag and meta description. These allow the buyers to know what exactly a site is offering to its prospects.

4. Craft the best content possible

What is the one factor in digital marketing that steals the show? It is the content, which allows the buyers to take the necessary actions on the manufacturer site.

If your content is worth reading, the buyer will not move to the competitor’s site. But if the content is poor, vague, and inaccurate, it will take only a few seconds for a buyer to change its decision.

In making your site mobile-friendly, you should make sure your content’s readability is according to the SEO standards. Not too low and not too high – we should optimize it to achieve buyer engagement.

Also, make sure that your content is compatible with the website. You can find such examples where the content is floating and doesn’t match the web design at all. It looks awful and doesn’t attract the buyers for the services you offer to them.

5. Social media sharing options

You know sharing is caring. Absolutely! This is because it allows more people to know about the services.

Well, if a website has social media sharing icons, it increases the worth of the site. The users can easily promote the page to any of the platforms. The best part of the story is that it helps a lot in increasing the traffic and creating new customers of the business.

The Bottom Line

This post unveils the most important aspect of increasing clicks on the website. Since mobile usage is increasing day by day, it requires websites to become mobile-friendly. Only this way can you achieve more traffic and sales beyond the expectations. So, just consider these tips and make your site click worthy.


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