Planning to Create a Tech Thought Leadership for B2B? Here’s How You Can Do It

Planning to Create a Tech Thought Leadership for B2B?

You are done with your research, crafted an effective buying persona, and did ample research on your targeted audience. Now what?

The time has arrived that you start differentiating your selected channels which you will target the budget and CPL (cost per lead). What’s left to work with then?

There’s a high chance that if you are not working for a well-renowned tech organization, there’s a possibility that you are working on a tight budget. And since most of the B2B marketplace gets 14 percent of their leads from SEO only, I believe that a huge budget is not important at all.

So how can you expand your business efficiently with a little or sometimes no budget at all?

I will be sharing some of the most effective friendly budget ideas which will assist you to showcase your experience in the industry, create strong awareness for the brand and attain organic leads so that you can expand your case for a driven marketing budget for the future.

Engaging with the Online Community

Use the most active and pertinent communities online for your research to communicate directly with the tech influencers and industrial giants as well as the most critical customers. Locate the most essential and subjected questions for information and ask from the industrial giants to get more customers.

Also, think of the ways you can share the product value and practices which will evoke your targeted audience and create a level of trust through online social media platforms.


Quora is known for different engaging questions and answers asked by different people. However recently, this famous website is becoming popular in the tech industry. A website where millions of users question and answer about different things for free, Quora is a self-proclaimed website aiming to share knowledge for free to the world.

Being a tech marketer myself, I believe Quora can be used as an effective marketing strategy for a variety of other reasons. Some of them are:

  • Prepare the calendar for content with different information and insights through searching out the questions asked by the audience

  • Drive brand awareness by focusing on a new target audience

  • Build a strong industry and leadership experience by donating through different answers

Also, there’s a high chance that if you participate frequently, Quora puts you as an expert to answer different questions related to your industry. This way, you will get a notification for the particular question being asked by the person, and pertinent content digests are transported in your inbox.

Facebook Groups

Each year, Facebook is developing and introducing new trends in the market. Previously, LinkedIn used to have a significant advantage in the business, however now, Facebook is getting stronger and broader regarding engaging in the groups.

Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith believes people enjoy in a group where like-minded people are together in a business or any other social group. They think the environment is safe for them and that they can open up and talk about different issues without being judged at all. People would listen, relate, and understand the situations more in a group of like-minded people.


Being a tech marketer myself, I know how essential Capterra is for marketers all over the world. If you are not familiar with Capterra, you need to know what it’s about. Described as the yellow pages for the business software, Capterra is a platform where businesses have the advantage to search and research for different types of software from just one platform.

Providing free services to the people, the users visiting the website can list their particular software in the categories and look up for reviews before purchasing the software. This is just like the Google AdWords where one can place a bid on the PPC advertising, for jumping on the top of the categories list.


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