How Retailers Can Benefit From Augmented Reality

augmented reality retail

Augmented reality is here to stay! Currently, augmented reality is a considerably hot topic that is being discussed by various businesses. Many have already integrated this technology within their business, while many are still clueless about its benefits. To be honest, we all carry AR-ready technology with us in the form of smartphones. One example of augmented reality is a game that broke all records, Pokémon Go. We could actually see a virtual world through our smartphones that are filled with wild Pokémon.

This clears the air that AR isn’t a futuristic technology. Instead, it has already made its mark with various apps and technologies that are being used in our daily lives. However, I’m pretty sure now you’ll really want to know how augmented reality in retail stores can enhance customer’s experience and increase your overall profitability. Here are a few augmented reality retail examples to start with.


The more time they spend in your stores, the more money they’ll spend. This statement has eventually turned out to be true. Especially, after Pokémon Go was launched! Players used to visit shops merely to catch a Pokémon, and most of the time ended up buying something they had never planned of.

Now, that doesn’t mean should also develop such a game to enhance your sales. However, you can work on creating a map that improves your customer’s navigation while they come over to shop. Your app could add a feature in which customers can note down all the products they need. The app will scan the list and display the best route that customers should take to find all their desired commodities. In addition, you also use this app to show all the offers and discounts currently active every time the customer opens the app. – Excellent app for Global B2B Marketplace and bring a smile to your customer’s face!


Due to rising competition, not many products sell themselves. You need to use the right set of skills to make consumers pay for your products. However, augmented reality in a business can make your lives easier again. With the help of AR technology you can show your customers how the product works, just like how it used to be within videos. Although, this time you’ll use an AR within your store so that the customer can have a better understanding of the product.


I simply never purchase any piece of clothing before trying it on. Regardless of the fact, how much time it consumes! I agree it’s annoying to step into the trial room and look at yourself in the mirror to make sure it fits right and looks good on you.

However, augmented reality in retail stores can save you the time and effort of going through this process. Many top brands have already started using this technology, but I’ll still tell you how it works. This AR technology can be used either on your phone, or a device provided by the retailer. This software will virtually let you try on all the clothing pieces you like and also show you how you’ll look. You can swipe and change products with your fingertips, all thanks to these apps.


Gamification is the next big thing in running an active talent hunt. Many top businesses around the world are using this technology to create simulations to test how individuals will react in various conditions. Having that said, companies can also use this technology for training purposes.

With the help of virtual worlds, you can easily test and teach people without incurring any physical lose. It’s true that virtual reality also uses the same concept. However, in VR stimulations you need to use headsets and physically make actions to perform specific tasks. On the other hand, augmented reality in business only requires a smartphone to complete tasks and get through the training or hiring gamification process.


The augmented reality retail examples mentioned above crucial for all business to enhance their productivity and profitability. Though this process may increase your operational costs, the benefits will surely exceed the costs in the long run.


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