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Beatrice McGraw

Beatrice McGraw is a digital marketing expert who works for ExportHub, specialized in connecting Chinese suppliers. She just loves to share her knowledge with the world in the form of blogs, videos and various other types of content. In her free time, she is an active gamer and a techwiz who adores researching innovative solutions that emerge in the digital world.
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How Technology Impacts on Apparel Retailing

It is hard for you to get bored while shopping for clothes and apparel. One always need stylish and eye catchy appearance....

Why B2B Companies Need To Try Display Advertising

B2B marketing is undoubtedly not a piece of cake, whether you have just stepped in or spent years to create a pace...

5 Optimal Tools for B2B Sales Professionals

Believe it or not, 80% of B2B marketers report that all their efforts geared towards lead generation are effective to some extent only. An...

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