Mastering the Art of Boosting Retail Mango Sales: Five Essential Tips!”Perfect Mango Supplier

Mastering the Art of Boosting Retail Mango Sales: Five Essential Tips!

Are you searching for the perfect mango supplier? If yes then you’re at the right place. We will provide you with all the useful information which is actually based on the knowledge we personally experience through our global network.

Mango is known as the king of fruits. It is one of the favorite and the most famous fruit of summer. Its unique taste and smooth texture make everyone fall in love with it.

Tropical mangoes are available year-round in the US market from Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Peru, and Haiti. Mango promotions can be scheduled throughout the year, but are most popular in spring and summer when Mexico, the country’s largest mango supplier, is at its peak. So let’s dive in to explore the tips.

5 Tips for increasing mango sales:

There are many things to boost mango sales. But here we are giving you the five essential tips to get success. So read along to stay at the top.

1) Empower produce staff: education for growth:

There is a huge range of mango varieties and differences between them, and most consumers may not be aware of them. They even don’t know how to tell whether they ripen or not. So make sure that your staff is educated and properly trained. As a result, they will provide better services to the customers and perfectly display the fruit. So stand a team of experts.

If you are selling online then you must include text on any mango product listing explaining how to determine mango ripeness or the textural characteristics of each variety.

2) Begin with a great mango:

 It’s always better to start with the great things. So start with a great mango to get success. Consumers won’t come back for the ordinary mango and especially those who are trying it for the first time. Select a perfect mango supplier who will put taste first and be open to receiving standards that include internal product quality checks.

3) Showcase Ripe, Variety, and ready-to-eat mangoes:

What if you start with a quality mango but don’t have variety and riped? And Consumers need it as soon as possible. Then the consumer is not going to buy it again from you. So get ready for this blunder. 

Produce managers can ensure that consumers have access to fruit at their preferred ripeness by preconditioning mangoes to just-ripe and firm stages. It will eliminate the deviation of buying firm fruit and show the riped fruit only when the remaining inventory reaches this stage.

Ataulfo is ripe more rapidly as compared to the round mangoes. And doesn’t need preconditioning.

There’s a huge range of mango varieties in the US market. Both round and yellow mango. Give consumers a unique flavor and texture.  You can explore our B2B buyers’ directory on ExportHub, a huge platform that offers a wide range of mango buyers for your convenience.

4) Work with a Wholesale Partner:

A trusted supplier is very important. It is not necessary that mango will grow at the same time as before. It varies so work with a wholesale distribution partner. Once you start working make sure to maintain a great level of communication. In order to know about the performance, promotions, category, pricing, etc. in a nutshell conversation is important in order to generate innovative ideas to take mango sales to the next level.

5) Expose mango with avocado:

The majority of people love mangoes and it is commonly seen in American shopper’s basket. So make sure to place it where more consumers are most likely to connect them. So display it with its natural mate Avacado. A bountiful display of mangoes and avocados signals people to make a tropical feast with it. According to the research by National Mango Board that shows that mangoes work great with citrus fruits such as mandarins and oranges, which are also considered top snack fruits.

One more important tip is not to store fresh mangoes in the refrigerator because it causes discoloration inside and due to this customers will run away from you. So forget about selling.

6) Build eye-catchy displays:

Visual appearance matters a lot. Make sure to display mangoes in such a way that attracts consumers. Use eye-catchy slogans and beautiful packaging. In order to boost the sale do the promotion like on buying bulk you will get a discount. So use these tactics to stand out.


So these are the five amazing tips to boost mango sales. These all are very important tips, from empowering produce staff to build eye catchy displays. Partnering with the perfect mango supplier will totally change your game. So enjoy the selling process.


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