Common Social Media Marketing Misconceptions to Look At

Common Social Media Marketing Misconceptions to Look At

Don’t you just love the sight of likes and retweets on your latest social media posts? In fact, we are so obsessed with seeing likes on our posts that we simply delete it within a day or two if we don’t get that many. However, as a B2B marketing agency, this misconception can hurt your business big time. Likes, retweets, comments, and similar engagements don’t show the performance of a particular post. It’s only a superficial fact that looks appealing to us.

There are many more such misconceptions that we fail to avoid in our social media marketing plan, and end up damaging our own business. Here are a few of them that you need to start taking into consideration.


It’s true that we all get excited with every new like notification that popups up for our posts. However, are you sure that the person who liked your post read the whole thing or clicked through? To be honest, there is no guarantee. Many people just skim through their newsfeed and like almost everything they see. On the other hand, many of your friends will also like your posts just out of courtesy and not read a single word that is written on it.

Therefore, we suggest that B2B marketing agents should look at the number of clicks on the link that you’ve provided on your posts. Or simply the reach of your posts. Since it’s your post, only you are entitled to view these stats, but believe me, it’s how you can evaluate the performance. In addition, if your website is integrated with Google Analytics, you should also look at the average time users from social media channels spend on your landing pages.


Have you ever witnessed a rise in you traffic right after you posted something new on social media without many people sharing your content? If yes, that probably due to dark social shares. Dark social shares refer to those links that are copied and shared on personal chats via Messenger, WhatsApp, email or any other channels of communication. It’s pretty apparent that the traffic that comes from these shares isn’t shown in the same channel at where you’ve actually posted.

Therefore, think twice before deleting a post just because it doesn’t show many shares! If you see a rise in your traffic without the shares, the dark social shares are playing a part in this.


Timing matters a lot when it comes to posting on various social media channels. According to HubSpot, the time to post on Instagram for a high click-through rate is 1-4 p.m. You’ll find out that all social media marketing services have their own ideal times for your post to perform up to the mark.

However, posting at the right time won’t always save the day for you. Posting poor quality content at the optimum time won’t help your post garner your desired level of engagement. Even if you do manage to catch viewer’s attention, all thanks to your excellent timing, users won’t think about clicking through.

Note: Fewer posts isn’t considered a bad thing all the time. If you can, you should maintain an ideal posting schedule with high-quality content to capture the highest number of leads.


Yes, we read many success stories about Vloggers earning thousands of dollars and have millions of followers just by posting their videos on YouTube. No matter how useful this social channel may be, but it’s not fit for all types of businesses. It’s good to use various social media marketing services to enhance your brand’s social presence, but stop wasting time on those that aren’t good for you.

For example, if you are running a B2C business, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the ideal social networks to use. While, B2B companies can rely more on LinkedIn and Twitter to capture more leads.


At the end of the day, if your digital marketing on social media channels is not planned adequately, you can’t expect it to derive your desired results. A well prepared social media marketing plan is ideal for capturing quality leads and boosting your web traffic. However, don’t get carried away by misinterpreting the metrics mentioned above. Avoid these misconceptions and experience better than ever results.


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