Intel Introduces RealSense ID, Facial Recognition Tech Using In-Depth Sensing Camera

Intel Introduces RealSense ID, Facial Recognition Tech Using In-Depth Sensing Camera

Intel has introduced a game-changing technology of the time. With RealSense ID and facial authentication, the users can achieve better security than ever. According to the news, the technology is said to provide the smartest solution that includes an active depth sensor having neural network design for delivering accurate facial recognition results.

On 6th January 2021, Intel came up with the new launch in the market, which left the users in extreme surprise. It introduced a promising solution that relies on RealSense depth-sensing technology. Before all these happenings, RealSense was better recognized for Kinect-style cameras for touch-free interaction. However, the transformation completely upgraded the technology.

RealSense ID

The RealSense ID seems promising because it repositions the camera business, making it secure and accurate in terms of facial authentication.

RealSense ID is based on neural network design, which identifies the face using a dedicated system-on-a-chip. Interestingly, when the data is retrieved, it is encrypted using a secure element and transferred for further processing.

There is one more interesting part of the story. The company claims that the new technology should learn and adapt to several facial aspects such as skin tones, facial hair, and face mask. This technology is now available on a module which can be easily integrated into other products and plugged into the computer.

In the later years, RealSense tech came up with a variety of upgrades for the users. From unlocking the laptop to inserting your face into Fallout 4, the technology seems to go really far beyond our imagination.

According to Intel

According to Intel, the technology can be integrated and used in different places. For instance, Banks can opt for the technology to facilitate users in ATM services. Not only this, but registration processes and smart locks are some other applications that any user can think of. The company mentioned the brilliant uses of the technology that now; it is time to take it to the military and government sectors for enhanced security. The idea is definitely worth investing in the present time.

Intel is further taking steps to improve the tech area and bring a vital change in the community. Since Huawei also made efforts to influence the users across the globe, Intel’s attempt to address all the potentials is a real change we all should know.

Again, the company is trying to take to the technology across the world. It has built out more diverse face samples to improve RealSense services. The CEO explained that they have captured extensive data from all over the world to make the technology worth integrating.

To add in the story, Intel also addressed that it has one in a million chance to falsely recognize the face on the spot.

Intel’s RealSense ID

You can also preorder the technology and greatly use it. Intel’s RealSense ID peripheral is available for use for only $99. However, you can purchase 10 packs of RealSense ID Module for only $750. The great news is that Intel will start official shipping of this product in March 2021.


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