Some Few Quick Fixes in Making Websites More Effective in B2B


Most of the organizations including 90 percent of the companies of B2B employ marketing for the website as a part of their strategy to attain L2R (lead-to-revenue). It doesn’t matter what kind of website you initially have. Whether you are using your website for educational purposes, selling through E-commerce, creating awareness, etc. – you are required to expand your website’s effectiveness and efficiency.

In my organization, we experienced a lot of changes and made suitable recommendations for many websites. Most of the websites are in no position for even small attention; a large number of other websites, however, can take significant advantage from executing these strategies. They are:

1) Start by adding updated and fresh content for your website. Visitors are most impressed when they get to see things that are knowledgeable about them. Updated content gives you an advantage in the algorithm for Google searches. This is precisely why organizational websites should have blog sections for their readers to stay ahead in the market.

2) Try updating your website more suitable for mobile applications. According to a report, nearly 75 percent of the searches being done on Google is through cell phones. Most of the websites today are mobile-friendly. If your website is not updated to the mobile version, you should do it immediately.

3) Try removing all sorts of dead and fixed links. For visitors visiting your website, links that are broken may severely damage the SEO rankings of your website since they decrease the score and quality with the search engines.

There are many tools helpful for removing the broken links on your website. It’s your job to know that which tool is perfect for you.

4) Try improving your page load time if it’s more than three seconds. is the most famous tool for testing the page load and provides all sorts of information for improvement.


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