Effective Ways of Double Sided Tapes to be used in Construction Applications

Ways of Double Sided Tapes to be used in Construction Applications

Double-sided tape is referred to as any pressure sensitive tape which is glazed with an adhesive on both of its sides. This type of tape (mostly Transparent Shoulder TapeSpun TapesAutomotive Adhesive Tapes, and Heat Activated Tape) is designed specifically to bond two surfaces completely together, repeatedly in a manner in which it is unseeable in the end product because it was in between different objects preferably overlaying them completely. This process enables the process of making the projects look neater with the improved workmanship.

And unlike rivets or screws – which combine all the different kinds of materials to an individual point – a high powered double-sided adhesive tape completely attaches from one substrate to the another while escalating the load for stress.

This may sound amazing, right? However, just like everything else on the site job, selecting the correct and the most perfect double-sided adhesive tape for the particular application is not an easy job and complicated in many terms. Whether you are attaching wood, foam, glass, steel, and plastic together, it is crucial to understand the kind of materials you have and use to create a permanent bonding. A surface which is textured completely to be tactile will be demanding a little more of the strength (adhesive based), similar to the carpet padding.

Keeping a look at the materials outside, it is crucial to understand the conditions of the field. A product which you had previously used in the summer or spring may have the possibility to not function entirely in the winter temperature. Rain, ice, heat, humidity, dirt, and UV are all the different kinds of components to consider when selecting the correct tape, or more importantly, intercepting the failure for tape.

With that being said, we are excited to observe more tape currently being used in the construction applications, since the technology for adhesive tapes has progressed in recent times. Some of the most common used tapes are Transparent TapesMasking TapesABRO Packaging Tapes, and 3m Duct Tapes, etc. As more builders have started concentrating on narrowing the envelope building and obtaining upgraded HERS outcomes.

Keeping all of the points in mind, the tape is slowly becoming more reliable in completing the job adequately well. For now, I will be sharing a few of the construction based applications where an adhesive based double-sided tape is extraordinarily crucial and how can we anticipate more from these tapes in the coming future.

1) Protection of the Floors:

There are times when you are required to encrust walkways or floors with floorboards or carpets to ultimately preserve the surface while the construction is under-observation and active. A double-preserved carpet based adhesive tape provides a belligerent adhesive based system which is completely suitable for clamping down the carpet, however, will not leave any remnant once it’s removed.

2) Overlapped Seams for Housewraps:

Let’s take a wild guess: Single-sided adhesive based tape (mostly polyimide Masking TapeSelf-Adhesive TapesABRO Self Adhesive Tapes, and ABRO Packaging Tapes) is currently used to coat a housewrap may assist the water to travel efficiently beyond the tape, and eventually into the structure. The best method is to use a roller to attach the tape which might aid in doing the job decently. However, the best thing to do is to use a double-sided adhesive based tape similar to a housewrap tape to extend over smoothly and make sure that no water is passed through.

3) Bond the Insulation Immutably to the Walls:

For this, the best thing you can do is use a double-sided adhesive based insulation tape to completely bond the insulation in the building and make sure it’s tacky for a long time.


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