Clickbait Is More than Just a Trick – It Works!

Clickbait Is More than Just a Trick

With the correct title page, you can lure people to click on your link in the SERPs (Search Engine Pages). By getting more clicking on your page, you will be able to attain more clicks on CTA (Call-to-action) components on your website, which later will profit and improve the bottom line of your page.

If you are focused on generating a decent CTA (Click-through rate) in the search results, perhaps, this is the right time to improve the title scene for your page. Keeping that in mind, there are many places and websites where you can generate tons of ideas and draw inspirations, who are the masters of producing higher clicks on their websites. Their Clickbait titles are so intriguing that the viewers are left with no choice but to open up the website and see what are they talking about.

In this article, however, I will talk about a few examples which I came across of some of the fantastic title pages and will discuss their strategies for appealing the audience in visiting their site.

1) The Powerful Template:

The most renowned traveling website TripAdvisor is using a type of title which is considered to be a template rather than the real title. This is purely because the marketing department for the website is using the similar approach in different countries where it operates.

For instance, if you are searching for the best restaurants in San Jose, California, you will be able to observe that TripAdvisor is on the top list of search engine result pages (SERPs) with a headline titled as: ‘Top 10 Best Restaurants in San Jose, California for 2018.’

As you can see, this is considered as an effective line for different reasons. First, the link is intimately connecting to the query which someone has asked. Therefore, anyone searching for the restaurants in the city will be directed automatically towards the website offering the best restaurants in the city. Secondly, the title is mentioning the year, suggesting that the information available on the page is updated and according to the standards.

One particular reason why TripAdvisor is placed on the top of the list is that of the prices it mentions for the eateries providing the searchers with an overview of the restaurants.

2) Using Efficient Headlines:

Keeping the above points in mind, try searching for ‘motorcycle helmets.’ Ignore the ads placed on the top of the search pages, and dive straight into the results and take a note at the first page of the list.

As of now, the top of the list is RevZilla. I have been monitoring their work for a long time and how they optimize their website for high-traffic. They have done a fantastic job for e-commerce market for SEO. Try searching for ‘motorcycle helmets’ and see how their website is lined up.

If you notice, the title is matching accurately with the query searched by the people, ensuring that the product is delivered in a short-span of time with no shipping charges. These are the points which are noted by the customers a lot.

3) Locations-based Page:

Location-based searches are for the people residing in the same area, or in the same vicinity. Try searching for a term ‘car insurance’ which is considered as the most crowded term in search engines.

If you scroll down to the page, you will notice a page based on location referred as Geico. The title for the Geico page would be somewhat like this: San Antonio Car Insurance – Geico.

In my opinion, this is an excellent example of a page which can be enhanced and improved based on the amount of traffic it generates. Titles can be changed for more likes and increase the traffic.


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