Trump’s Immediate Action Against Chinese Apps: Orders Target TikTok & WeChat

Trump's Immediate Action Against Chinese Apps | Exporthub

The U.S. imposes a new order against Chinese social media apps. It has already given a shock to a huge community where Chinese social media apps were quite popular. TikTok and WeChat got a threat from U.S. president, Donald Trump, which sets to hold its operations across the region for the said time.

Chinese social media apps

The news broke in worldwide gives a reason to think about the fact that Chinese social media apps are now on the verge.

On Thursday, 6th August 2020,  President Trump issued executive orders against famous Chinese firms, i.e. ByteDance and Tencent. Both of these Chinese tech giants own famous social media applications that are recognized for their unique features.

WeChat was introduced by Tencent, which is an effective messaging application. ByteDance is a Beijing-based parent company that is the founder of TikTok – the most used video application across the world.

According to the report, the deadline for the order 45 days. It will be the biggest step to retaliation from Beijing this year.

The public is still waiting to know the insider news regarding the ban. This is definitely a threat to various public figures and marketers who were associated with these apps for so long.

On the other side, China considers this a crucial act and discusses the reaction against their technology. The Chinese foreign ministry shared that they are against the imposition of these orders. Beijing shall respond to the orders by considering the legal rights and interests of Chinese businesses.

Trump also addressed that WeChat is the biggest threat to its economy. Since the messaging app captures personal information, the Chinese may intervene in the privacy and proprietary information of American users.

The ban is said to imply only in the United States. Hence, individuals in the region that follows the jurisdiction will be prohibited to use WeChat. A similar order is also issued for TikTok, and this seems to be the most violent action against Chinese firms.

Trump said that even TikTok could exploit the personal information of American users. The social media app promotes campaigns, which benefit the Chinese Communist Party. He also added that the economy itself must take aggressive action against the owners of these popular social media apps since they are exploiting their personal information.

There is also a second side of the story. In response to the allegations, TikTok’s founder, ByteDance, denied all the false statements of Donald Trump. It says that U.S. data is stored in the country itself and has a backup arranged in Singapore. Moreover, there are no data centers present in China, and thus, the statement proves to be false.

Another news is circulating concerning the recent orders. Microsoft is planning to acquire the TikTok business in Canada, U.S. New Zealand, and Australia in the next three weeks.

Well, the news is the sign of a new war between China and the U.S. We can only see that one party is imposing the statements that are still unclear whereas the other party is talking with justifications.

Beijing is in a tough situation. In anticipation of more orders executed by the U.S., we can only see more Chinese firms losing their businesses in the American market.


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