Popular Products & Marketing Strategy To Sell In China

Products & Marketing Strategy

Many people believe it is impossible to conduct business in China. They are completely mistaken. Sales are undoubtedly more challenging in China than in some other nations, but it’s still not impossible.

You may offer your goods or services and keep earning money on the Chinese market with the appropriate strategy and persistence. Foreign businesses have a tremendous opportunity in China, the second-largest consumer market in the world, where retail sales of consumer products will surpass 44 trillion yuan in 2021.

Chinese customers are open to developing new connections with international brands. In 2021, China had over 400 million people in the middle-income bracket. This presents a chance for businesses to expand their overseas businesses there.

Selling International Goods In China

Rapid urbanization and a developing and expanding Chinese economy create both enormous potential and enormous risks for Western brands. They can take advantage of China’s increased purchasing power by offering to sell on the Chinese consumer market, even while certain jobs are still being outsourced from the United States and Europe.

To engage Chinese customers and capture their attention, the things you choose to offer in China essentially need to be fascinating to them. The Chinese B2B platform is currently seeing trends in agricultural products, food and beverage, baby and maternity products, health products, and luxury apparel.

What Goods Am I Supposed To Sell In China?

The middle and upper classes in China are expanding, and they have an increasing appetite for Western brands. They are becoming more prosperous and open to shopping online. The Chinese government also supports and has made significant investments in infrastructure and logistical advancements.

Now is the perfect time to enter the China market, but which product categories will do well?

Numerous items are dominating the domestic market, but not all of them will work for foreign brands because some are only available to homegrown ones. Here are major product categories that many businesses might quickly begin selling in an international B2B marketplace.


A few years ago, most Chinese consumers purchased their clothing from neighborhood stores or flea markets. China was well-known for its extremely affordable clothing. These days, all of the major clothing retailers, like H&M, Zara, Gucci, etc., are available in China, and consumers there are more conscious of the value of high-quality clothing and are prepared to spend more for it.

What is most significant in terms of style is that internet shopping is taking over from offline retail to Chinese consumers. Particularly younger generations, making the majority of their purchases online. This is why social media presence and internet advertising are crucial.


Shoes Imported shoe brands are well-liked in China for similar reasons. Following the Winter Olympics, Chinese internet users are changing their buying patterns. The business culture in their country by promoting the trend of sports shoes.

Although older Chinese generations, in particular, still favor high heels and fine leather shoes. However, younger shoppers favor sneakers far more than their parents, which is what drives online sales.


Jewelry When it comes to luxury goods, the jewelry business in China is one of the fastest-growing industries. Since the beginning, jewelry is a part of Chinese culture because it is there for religious ceremonies and rites.

The Chinese jewelry market is anticipated to grow from $116 billion in 2016 to $865 billion in 2026, according to a Statista analysis. After real estate and autos, it is the third-largest investment sector in the nation.

The most popular sort of jewelry among Chinese people is metal jewelry, particularly gold, followed by diamonds. However, young shoppers are becoming more interested in silver and unusual jewelry made of materials like aluminum, wood, plastic, and others.

Cosmetics And Skincare Items

Major products in the most popular items for Chinese consumers include cosmetics and beauty products. Given that it caters to a larger range of consumers than Western markets, China is the second-largest cosmetics market on the planet and one of the most promising.

In China, men and women both care about how they look, although women typically use cosmetics and makeup.

Supplements And Vitamins For Food

In addition to attempting to eat healthily, Chinese consumers are starting to purchase more vitamins and supplements as part of the healthy movement lifestyle trend.

Although international vitamins and health supplements are becoming more popular among young people, Traditional Chinese Medicine is still highly preferable in Chinese society.

Due to the importance of skin care in China’s daily life, weight-control supplements and nutrients for healthy skin are the most popular categories.


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