Statistics to Back up Your Marketing Investment in B2B

Statistics to Back up Your Marketing Investment in B2B

As 2018 is progressing at an expanding rate, the marketing teams and firms in B2B are most of the times questioned to meet, execute, evolve and measure the presumptions of both the supervisors and customers.

While the majority of the marketers in B2B are well aware of their budget and how they will spend it for the rest of the year, at this point from the higher perspective, there should be a method for making appropriate strategic and tactical changes as the year advances and numbers start coming in.

This is precisely the reason why we observed some of the most informative news on the industry from 2017 to examine what the research currently suggested and where to shift the focus.

1) Content Personalization

It has been widely estimated that content personalization has gained vital importance for the marketing teams in B2B; however half of them are scuffling with the quality of data being produced, and one of the essential constituents for prosperous efforts for personalization as per the research conducted by the Monetate study.

The good news, however, is that most of the marketers are spending more of their resources in personalizing their content and grasping the buyer journey in B2B. It has been noted that nearly 60 percent of the marketers accepted that they had documented their strategy for personalization.

2) Content Marketing

According to an estimated source, 53 percent of the organizational marketers in B2B are dedicated towards content marketing. As per the report provided by B2B Enterprise Content Marketing 2017: Budgets, Benchmarks, Trends – North America provided with interesting facts regarding the existing state of the content marketing in B2B.

Apart from providing half of the information, the report suggested that B2B marketers are very much dedicated towards content marketing, and stated that the success factor for content is enlarging exponentially.

3) Social Media

A report provided by the CMO Survey Highlights and Insights provided conclusive information about the marketing budgets of the service and product organizations in B2B. The report stated that these organizations were spending nearly 10 percent of their marketing revenue and budget on social media in 2017. The report also suggested that these organizations were planning to spend more on social media in the coming years.

In 5 years, the marketing leader suggested that they are planning to assign nearly 18 percent of their generated budget in social media.


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