Bazaar secures $30 Million Series A Funding for 2021


As the first B2B marketplace of Pakistan, has triumphantly accomplished gaining $30 million in series A funding. Investment of such an enormous amount of funding has been unheard of in Pakistan and they have fortified their position as the highest-funded start-up in Pakistan. Following glowing reviews of the founders from tech giants across the globe, the leadership of Bazaar could merge their position as a start-up worthy of large amounts of foreign investment.

“What Bazaar has managed to accomplish in the last year is incredible. We are extremely impressed by the speed and robustness with which they build and deploy. As Defy’s first investment into Pakistan’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, we feel Bazaar is on its way to create a category-defining company for the country”–Kamil Saeid, Partner at Defy Partners.


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